Food Is Free

Slowing the food waste cycle by showing users how to regrow fresh produce from kitchen scraps, repurpose items creatively, and responsibly dispose of what can’t be salvaged. 

The Ask

Design a future-oriented concept that addresses one of the Sustainable Development Goals defined by the United Nations.

SDG #12: Responsible consumption and production


iF Design Student Award Competition Entry


2 weeks

January 2024



ChatGPT – Copywriting


Product Design


The Problem

Food comes from the Earth- why is so hard to get and so easy to waste?

Despite the natural abundance of food, the discrepancy between availability and affordability contributes to the pervasive issue of food waste, highlighting the urgent need for sustainable solutions and systemic change.

The Solution

Transform the food consumption process with ‘Food is Free,’ the groundbreaking mobile app designed to slow the waste cycle. This innovative platform empowers users to reclaim control of their food consumption cycle, simultaneously reducing costs and environmental impact. Powered by AI, ‘Food is Free’ allows users to scan a grocery receipt or manually search ingredients to guide the user through options of regrowing fresh produce from kitchen scraps, repurposing items creatively, and responsibly disposing of what can’t be salvaged. ‘Food is free’ is your ally in breaking free from food waste, helping you save money while nurturing a greener, more connected world.

Step 1

Scan or search grocery items.

Step 2

Learn how to regrow, repurpose, or sustainably dispose of your food.




Concept Development

The term “food is free” underscores the inherent abundance of food resources provided by the Earth, emphasizing that sustenance shouldn’t be a luxury but a fundamental right.

“Food is free” not only emphasizes equitable access to sustenance but also suggests that regrowing or responsibly disposing of our food could address the outlined problem, fostering a more sustainable relationship with the Earth’s resources while ensuring fair access for all.


Inspired by the vibrant hues and essence of fresh produce, I aimed to capture the sense of regrowth and cyclical nature of food with intertwining themes of sustainability. The resulting brand identity radiates with lively colors, evoking a sense of renewal and harmony with nature, while embodying the mission to reduce food waste and promote mindful consumption.