FlightPath is a mobile app prototype that allows users to efficiently schedule a customized beer crawl event with friends and connects them with their local brewery community. FlightPath consists of a full branding identity, mobile app prototype, and real-life testing.

FlightPath was created as part of a group project at VCU Brandcenter, wherein my primary role lied in developing the mobile app UX/UI design and prototype.

The Challenge

How might we simplify the brewery-hopping experience?

From a frequently convoluted process with multiple competing interests, to an elevated, community-focused brewery adventure, through an interactive itinerary tool that’s easily shareable with friends and their preferences.

The Solution

FlightPath is a Richmond-based app designed to generate a customized beer crawl depending on selected filters for location, drink preferences, food options, etc. FlightPath allows users to connect with new venues and communicate easily with other people at the beer crawl.

The Process

We drew inspiration from the golden age of Pan Am Airways, when highly curated, exceptional service with flair made travelers feel special and at ease.

Our strategy centers around assisting the user at each step of the bar-crawl process, positioning FlightPath as a catalyst for the best brewery experiences and leaving users confident that the best local recommendations are only a few clicks away.

Once the pillars of FlightPath’s mission were established, the design process followed naturally with user research, wireframes & mockups, prototyping, and usability testing.