Active Landscapes for Developmental Play

This project is centered on the idea that positive child development can be encouraged by intentionally designed playscapes and learning environments, and that a rich intersection of landscape and community can enhance the play experience.

Active Landscapes for Developmental Play served as my undergraduate thesis at the University of Virginia School of Architecture.


Child development can be encouraged by a landscape that acts as an annex of community centers for informal learning. Situated on the Mississippi River in Minnesota’s Twin Cities, this playscape acts as a threshold to the greater community in a busy urban center. From native land to historic practices of play in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area, the site of East River Flats Park is informed by both preconditions as well as the current state of the urban condition.

The Process: Historical Information, Landscape Analysis & Building a System for Design

East River Flats Park as Part of a Chain
East River Flats as an Informal Annex for Community Centers
Access via Public Transportation System